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A Personal Tribute To My Dad

Hello, Marg Shadid, founder/president of Let’s Go Design.  Thank all of you who have supported this company since 2008.  This past summer played a different role for me, the company, as I loss the most wonderful man in my life…my dad!  He was a tremendous support, loving and caring. As most of you already know the LGD Jacket was named “K” – Rosco is memories of my mom, Kay.  Between the love and support I received from both my parents, well, they made me believe in my dreams, hence the LGD Jacket.  To my dad, who just always encouraged me to go forward…he always wore the jacket!  Love you, miss you…and this is my site so guess I can put anything up I want…this is to you dad!  To his toast always: “To your health and happiness”!  Pic taken less then a month of his passing – at the Harley Davidson Museum in Milwaukee, WI.