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Hands Free Dog Walking Capability


Whether you are multi tasking or just want the ease of walking your dog while still having free hands, the LGD Jacket makes it possible with the waist leash/belt and carabiner clips.


First and foremost be sure the carabiner clip is secured directly to your waist leash/belt and NOT to the jacket’s belt loops, having the carabiners clipped in the belt loops may cause the jacket to rip once the weight of your dog is applied.  With the carabiner clipped onto your leash/belt, simply attach the end of your dog’s leash to the clip and let go – you are hands free!



Hands Free Do not Attach Leash through Belt Loops

Hands Free Dog Walking


Note about hands free walking:

Dog weight  should not exceed 50 pounds.  This has been noted by an advising Orthopedic Surgeon who believes any sort of hands-free dog walking through the use of a belt or harness, can within time cause spinal dilemmas.  We do not recommend this type of dog walking on a consistent basis.