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          Selects and Features the Let’s Go Design/Dog Walking Utility Jacket! Perfect Gift For Every Dog Lover!

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Just for Humans

Let’s Go Design’s Dog Walking Utility Jacket

If Batman were a dog owner, this would be his dog-walking jacket.

The K-Rosco Dog Walking Utility Jacket is waterproof, has detachable sleeves to become a vest, and sports numerous specialized pockets and clips with a dog walker’s needs in mind.

In the left pocket is a removable plastic pocket liner for treats. In the right cargo pocket is a retractable key chain for your house keys. Two more clips can hold extra toys or gloves or hats. Another pocket sports a roll of extractable pick-up bags which are fed through a grommet hole for easy access. A strong leash belt around the waist can handle a dog up to 75 pounds for hands free dog-walking. The list goes on.

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